Tchau, USA!

This will be my last year teaching in Nashville. My wife and I have made the huge decision to relocate (with all three of our kids) to São Paulo, Brazil next summer, where we will both be teaching at Graded International School ( for at least two years. I will still be teaching high school mathematics – at least one or two sections of integrated 9th or 10th grade, and at least one or two sections of something in the IB Diploma series, as well as a section of computer science – while my wife will be teaching middle school humanities. An amazing perk is that the school has 3 and 4-year-old programs all the way through grade 12, so my two oldest children will be able to go to school there starting next year.

Graded is a very progressive place, and I’m sure I’ll still be just as actively involved in math teacher twitter and blogging as I have been (not so active with the blogging this year…) I’m bummed that I will no longer be teaching AP Statistics and will therefore not be able to keep using the CPM Statistics curriculum, but otherwise I’m extremely excited by the new opportunities to explore new curricula and pedagogical methods.

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