CPM Statistics Resources

I am one of the writers of CPM’s Statistics book published in 2017, and the primary maintainer (at this point) of the resources page and eTools at http://stats.cpm.org. This private and unofficial page is designed to supplement that page and its teacher resources at http://stats.cpm.org/teacher.html . Make sure to check that page to see a (very detailed) sample syllabus, a CPM-aligned list of AP Free Response problems, links to all of the Desmos activities and eTools associated with the text, the Statistics Problem Generator, a valuable resource for both you and your students, and so forth.

  • 2017 CPM Statistics feedback and discussion doc – Join this (again, completely unofficial!) doc to leave and read feedback about the text lesson-by-lesson! Ask questions, note typos and bugs, suggest additional activities that may work well with / instead of lessons, talk about what worked and what didn’t, whatever. Think of it as a personalized way to communicate with other CPM Statistics teachers – hopefully we can get several using it! I plan to leave lesson-by-lesson thoughts there, personally. I will pass along any typos to CPM editors, try to fix any bugs in eTools, and if and when a second edition ever comes along I’ll make sure any feedback is passed along the appropriate channels.
  • AP Statistics Community – College Board – If you don’t know about this forum and you teach AP Statistics, it’s time to learn. The AP Statistics forum at the college board has a critical mass of involved, dedicated teachers who can help you answer any statistical or pedagogical question.