The power of power

Today in AP Statistics we continued the Great Candy Review by comparing Starburst proportions to the skittles proportions; specifically, we started trying to decide if the proportion of orange starbursts could be equal to the proportion of orange skittles. The activity covers both 1-sample proportion tests (by assuming that 20% of skittles are orange, as weRead More

The AP Conundrum

I am teaching AP Statistics this year, and, in general, really like it. I have a science background as much as a math background, so statistics is very appealing to me, and I honestly do believe that it is more important and useful than calculus for many, many people. Plus, I think it’s fun! MyRead More

Now I have to assess this unit…

…and I really don’t know how. The problems are great, but I’m not comfortable (yet, I hope) grading them as high-value summative assessments, which means that I don’t have a “reasonable” distribution of grades. I could spend a day consolidating our knowledge from the problems and short-lectures – areas of various shapes, similarity theorems, scalingRead More