#MTBoS Critical Friends Group

I have been reading about using the Critical Friends Protocol for improving teacher products (lesson plans, products, problem sets, whatever) and it seems really neat. The basic process is this: Critical Friends Process Presentation One person, the presenter, presents a product they would like feedback on. This can be anything. The presenter shows everything they haveRead More

Infinite “Extra Credit”

I teach AP Statistics, which I find to be an incredibly challenging curriculum. I have a very heterogeneous group of math confidence levels (students who took Algebra II as juniors up through students in multi-variable calculus taking this as a second math), we do almost no probability and statistics in our earlier curriculum, and, frankly,Read More

Experimenting with a bit of stick-making (subtitle: freshmen are flexible but seniors are STRESSED)

I am doing a few “Make it Stick” style experiments this semester (even though I’m only one chapter into the book; it’s amazing how things percolate through the PLN…). The biggest one I’m trying is regular low-stakes quizzes, combined with slightly lagged homework and assessment (which may not actually be from Make It Stick). IRead More

The Big Break and Big Plans

My school has an amazing way of dealing with January. For the three weeks after winter break, we throw the standard curriculum to the wind and do a program called Winterim. During this time, two things happen. Juniors and seniors leave campus to travel (we have several trips, educational and service-oriented) OR intern, either hereRead More