Desmos and Histograms

Today I did two things regarding Desmos and Histograms.

First, I created this Desmos graph which allows you to create your own histogram. You have to set the window yourself after adding the data. It can automatically create bins (defaults to each bin being about half of a standard deviation. Probably not ideal but I expect most will use manual bins for more precise work anyway).

I hoped to use that histogrammer to create my own Polygraph but unfortunately it isn’t possible (yet!) to copy folders of functions from one graph to another. So I improvised! My first Custom Histograms Polygraph was made using pictures instead- screenshots taken from Google Sheets. The graphs are very artificial and simple in this case, but it’s a good early practice on describing histograms. I’m hoping to make more, using more realistic data sets, for more complicated histograms, boxplots, and scatterplots. I hope others will make more as well! Statistics seems ripe for this polygraph activity.

In this Google Drive folder you will find the spreadsheet I used to make the histograms and the pictures of the histograms themselves. 

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