Learning Goal Tracker v3.0

I am diving full speed into Learning Goal / Standards Based Grading this year, and I’m still using the gamified spreadsheet that I started working with last year thanks to Kyle Pearce, Jon Orr, and others (see posts herehere, and here).

I just finished the latest version of the spreadsheet, ready to use for the year. I cleaned up and simplified the student version of the sheet, made a few of the auto-populated areas go faster, added a separate tab for student E-mail and URLs so the script can automatically send links to students if you have their e-mail addresses. I also protected certain ranges so it will warn you if you try to edit something that you probably shouldn’t mess with; that should help prevent anybody out there using it who is less savvy from accidentally breaking it.

This is what a published website version of this version looks like – what the students see

This is what the sheet where you actually enter your learning goals and scores on looks like:

Click this link to open the google sheet and look it over, then make a copy for yourself if you want to play with it! Have fun.

3 thoughts on “Learning Goal Tracker v3.0

  1. Pretty slick additions! The master sheet has been cleaned up really nicely, also!

    I can’t wait to check it out further. Liking the idea of having a weighting option, too. This thing is getting pretty complex, but more simple to use with each iteration. I LIKE IT! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is amazing! I absolutely want to implement it next year…..but I can’t get it to work. For some reason, when I input info into the master sheets, it doesn’t populate to the rest. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

    1. I am not really using this spreadsheet anymore (or at least I’m taking a break from it). Not sure why it wouldn’t be auto-filling for you, but I recommend you try a different version of the sheet anyway that has been rather extensively improved by Michael Matera.

      You can find a post about it here: http://explorelikeapirate.com/standard-based-grading-gamified-and-googled/

      (That site appears to be down for me this moment, but I expect it will come back up soon).

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