Summer of Statistics

I have not blogged much this summer, partially because I’ve been working. Working hard. On this:

AP Statistics by CPM Educational Program

Yes. CPM, the creator of the student-centered geometry book that blew my mind, is creating an AP Statistics book. And I’m helping to write it. And, having complete control over the AP Statistics curriculum in my school, I’m also using it next year (and hopefully thereafter!).

I. Am. So. Excited.

I’m going to blog more about this over the next few days: topics include the joy of a small and functional working group, the fun of learning new programming languages, the difficulties inherent in writing curricula for a wide variety of schools and technologies, the vagaries of copyright, and more. Stay tuned.

For now, if you like to a sneak preview at some draft e-Tools for the book (most of which are nothing special but were all fun to make) check out the list at Hint: if you only want to look at one, make it the scatterplot generator. I have spent the most time and effort so far on that one and it shows. 

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