Make it Stick posters

At my recommendation, one of our all-faculty reads this summer was Make it Stick, which means that hopefully the language of the book will be buzzing around our school a bit. I really want to jump on that; I’m spiraling homework and assessments in all classes this year, in response to the book and CPM recommendations, so having the language of Make it Stick available should help me with response to any student grumbling.

I decided to make some posters summarizing the big ideas of Make it Stick (with a few additions). Basically, I just blew up the quotes from the awesome brochure made by @mathymeg07 over at her blog and added a little bit. I know that “Growth Mindset” isn’t really a Make it Stick term, nor is “Embrace Mistakes,” but I wanted consistency in the look so I went ahead and put them in there with the rest. I will be using a version of the brochure itself with my students as well.

You can get it as a PDF or publisher file here in my Google Drive. You will need the Chowderhead and Century Gothic fonts for the publisher format, or sub with your faves.

Here is a picture of theses posters and the Team Roles poster in action! I’m not very design-minded and the posters may even be a little off-kilter, but I’m a little off-kilter too so I don’t mind.

make it stick and team role posters

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