Team Role table cards

Okay, MTBoSBlaugest, you are defeating me slightly. To soothe your savagery, here is a very short post on group role table cards I made.

These are designed to match the team role posters I made a few days ago. I have five groups in all of my classes this year, so I will use a shuffled deck of cards to do visibly random grouping: the denomination of the card (10,J,Q,K,A) tell them their table, the the suit tells them their role. These get taped to the table to show them where to sit.

You can find PDF and Publisher versions of this set here. If you want to edit the Publisher version (perhaps to duplicate and add more numbers if you have more groups) you’ll need the Chowderhead font, Century Gothic (which came with my computer), and this Card Characters font for the numbers in the middle (or you can substitute, of course). I actually had to build my own 10 using shapes, as I didn’t love the look of the 10 in that set.

2 thoughts on “Team Role table cards

  1. Blaugust is a challenge designed by you. If you are blogging more than normal, then it’s a win! 🙂

    I really like your group roles. I’ve never used them in the past, but have thought about it a lot this summer. I love the quotes on what that person should say. Do you run into issues of “That’s not my job” ?

    1. Hmm. I used them only sporadically last year but never had that problem. If anything I had to tell them what wasn’t their job, especially things like “resource manager summons the teacher”. I tell them they all have delegation power: if their job is extra large for a task they are allowed to assign bits of it to others for that task. This is most common with the recorder and the resource manager.

      I’m sure that using it consistently from day one will uncover other problems, but for me I don’t think that will be one. I have a high motivation group.

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