Geometry Theorem Posters

I asked twitter if anybody had any geometry theorem posters, but no response yet. So I decided to make my own. These are numbered using the number scheme from my rather ancient textbook, so you’ll probably need to modify to use them in your classroom, but if you like them as a start, feel free to play with them!

I still need to add definitions (Definition of Midpoint, Definition of Bisector, etc..) and I’m certainly not including every possible theorem, but most of the big hitters are here. The linked file will update automatically as I add them.

I made the posters in PowerPoint because Publisher does not have an equation editor.

The embed below is the Google Drive viewer, which is not perfect (some of the spacing and fonts are not quite right). Download the file to see the real thing. Once I’m satisfied with it, I will add a PDF version as well, though most will probably want to use the Powerpoint version to change the numbering.

Link to get the file
I used the following fonts, all available for free online if you don’t already have them (I think):
Book Antiqua
Berlin Sans FB Demi

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