Starting a project

Writing for the CPM AP Statistics text started with a week at a Homewood Suites in Minneapolis right across the street from the Mall of America. I didn’t get out much, other than when I got to eat dinner with @VeganMathBeagle and @trianglemancsd on my first night and one night out with the whole writing group.Read More

Summer of Statistics

I have not blogged much this summer, partially because I’ve been working. Working hard. On this: Yes. CPM, the creator of the student-centered geometry book that blew my mind, is creating an AP Statistics book. And I’m helping to write it. And, having complete control over the AP Statistics curriculum in my school, I’m also usingRead More

#MTBoS Critical Friends Group

I have been reading about using the Critical Friends Protocol for improving teacher products (lesson plans, products, problem sets, whatever) and it seems really neat. The basic process is this: Critical Friends Process Presentation One person, the presenter, presents a product they would like feedback on. This can be anything. The presenter shows everything they haveRead More